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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good for a laugh

If you haven't seen Jack Ohman's cartoon in The O this morning, find a copy somewhere and check it out. It's perfect. (I'd link to it if I could find it on OregonLive, but of course, I can't. Maybe Mr. Velveeta will come on the comments here and point us to it.)

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No, I got that far. That's yesterday's cartoon.

Or maybe Monday's.

It should be up shortly.

A little bird told me that there was a series of OregonLive focus groups/one-on-one interviews at one point last summer, but as far as I can tell, nothing ever changed. It is quite possibly the most unnavigable site in the history of the web. I wonder how much is earned by the company that designs that and so many other news sites?

You mean the Phil Knight cartoon?

Eh... Not nearly as fun as the tram alternatives.

"Oh, the humanity!"

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