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Friday, January 6, 2006

America: Dumb and mean, cont'd

There ought to be a special prison camp for this fellow.

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Let's skip straight to death. If we're paying for and getting a police state, let's start getting some benefits before they (re-)open the camps for us.


I would have settled for this.

Its pretty unbelieveable anyone could make a statement like that and scary.

There are many idiots on this planet and Pat Roberston happens to be one of them.

And dear Lord, if you wouldn't mind sending down genital acne, gluteal boils, and ingrown nose hairs to Pat Robertson, that would be helpful as well. Thanks.

If that prayer of yours gets answered, Jack, you'll be seeing me in the pew next to yours at St Philip Neri...

Any day now Pat will be explaining to us just what those poor guys in West Virginia did to displease God so that He would bury them in a mine, 260 feet beneath the surface.

Aw, common guys.

Poor Pat is no more dilusional than the average Portland planner at PDC, PDOT, Planning or Metro.

Combined they cost us $80-100 million in direct planning costs.

Well, maybe just a little more dilusional, but not much more.


The sad part is, non-religious folk see Pat and think all Christians are like him. Or worse yet, think he speaks for them.

They're not, and he doesn't.

Jon is correct...not everybody who has faith is like Pat. Or says/believes those things.

Funny how much air play Pat gets. When Rev. Jesse or Rev. Al Sharpton spat their hate filled speach, the liberal left media let it slide off the national screen rather quickly.

But not Pat....it'll be a while until this blows on by. Maybe Cindy will have a protest that we can all focus on, eh?

The sad part is, non-religious folk see Pat and think all Christians are like him. Or worse yet, think he speaks for them.

They're not, and he doesn't.


Methinks the sad part is that fundamentalist, evangelicals are upwards of 30% of the population in the U.S. and if the Robertson's, Dobson's, Falwell's don't speak for them, then who does?- They are the leaders of their religious communities, their views are representative of widely held beliefs in the U.S., and the broader christian community does little or nothing to disavow them.

Dumb and mean for sure but I think the special prison camp you suggest is more appropriately referred to as a "reeducation camp". As Winston Smith and a few tens of thousands of Vietnamese can attest they are fairly effective.

Larry's comments are right on target. There is a double standard. Robertson's dingbat statements have been roundly repudicated by everyone but his rather tiny niche of bible literalists.

It is too bad that Old Pat has turned whacko in his old age. He now joins Al Sharpton, Jesse JAckson, Barry Linn, Calypso Louie, THEM and hundreds of millions of moslems in the seriously wacked out religious hall of fame. Let's give old Pat a hand..................

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