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Friday, December 2, 2005

Sounds good to me

The Portland Development Commission gets it right once in a while. Here's a recent project of theirs that I can get behind.

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theoretical question: if Bruce Springsteen was hired as the director of the PDC, would you spontaneously combust?

He he! No, it would be great. He's not a condo kinda guy.

No, no, no... Bruce Springsteen for U.S. Senate! Call NJ Governor-elect Jon Corzine and tell him to appoint Springsteen to fill the seat...

I found PDC's explaination for this project.
Apparently the Monday night Jam session is to counter the friday night traffic Jam.
And the PDC believes good music reduces Urban Blight.

I'm down with that.

The Wild, The Innocent, and the Eastside Shuffle.

I miss the Euphoria Tavern.

I saw two jazz greats at the Euphoria Tavern: Eddie Harris and Charles Mingus, but through the haze I can't remember if they were the same night, in the same band!
I do remember Charles Mingus pressed down a string and plucked it with one hand and then did the same with his other hand, so he produced two bass lines at once going different directions. That much I'm sure of, and Eddie had so many effects on his sax that it made one hell of a buzz between songs. Speaking of one hell of a buzz.

What about the Jazz Quarry? The Hobbit? (Now a Walgreens...sheesh.)

My favorite club was Jazz de Opus. Irreplaceable.

Despite living close, I haven't been back to Produce Row since a date threw a glass of Russian Imperial Stout in my face. Sorta hard to feel cool in a place after that.

I think the point here, though, is that there's a place for city help for our small business community. That this is the exception rather than the rule, though, is the problem.

We don't have enough money to keep the bad guys in jail, repair (or build) roads, maintain our public buildings (such as schools). But we have enough dough for this? Real cool, cats.

Molly, I hear you. I also imagine a recording studio owner who pulled it together without help, suddenly having to struggle more because the PDC wants to get into the music business. But years ago I skipped paying a bill so I could get a wah-wah pedal. Music is like the space program for me. Economic logic is not a factor, so it's money well spent. I wish PGE would give back the billion so we could buy every kid in Portland a recording studio.

You're sitting in front of one right now. Just hook up a mike and you're off.

True, but I use the computer for comedy and record on a Korg 1600, that I can take to the live gigs.

I, too, enjoy music. I sang my way through Europe for 6 weeks a million years ago. But this is a matter of identifying what the government should legitimately be able to spend my hard-earned dollars on. In my considered opinion, this ain't it.

Oh, and Bill, just imagine how you would feel if you had to skip paying that bill because the government decided to buy a wah-wah pedal on your dime.

bill, i can tell ya that wasn't Charlie Mingus on bass with Eddie. i know this doug fir sure.
It was probably some lame ass white guy from portland.

John Mazzocco

Probably that dude from the Stilettos.

Nah, he can't play....never could. good lookin though!

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