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Thursday, December 8, 2005

New look

Are my eyes deceiving me, or did OregonLive just change its template? And are those local news photos on the front page? Holy moly!

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FWIW, there's a thread on this over at Oregon Media Insiders.

Once they figure out how to work with Firefox and the Thunderbird RSS reader, THEN they'll really be on to something. In the meantime, it's a definite improvement.

Since I last looked this morning!
Actually it's no change at all. The OLive uses an off-the shelf skinable blog engine used by all the Newhouse papers. This is a small corporation wide attempt to clean up a bad buy -- pictures, what a concept.

The problem is that The Oregonian management still thinks it'sin the newspaper business instead of the information distributing business. They don't hire anyone who doesn't have ther same mindset

Oregon Live is entirely separate from the newspaper folks and just gets scraps from the table.

You see similar growing pains at ther Los Angeles Times and to a lesser extent at the NYT and WaPo.

Like the record industry, the cannot grasp the future so they protect their original business even as their circculation and advertising revenues stagnate or decline.

I think The New York Times is actually getting the hang of it.

And if you go another Advance site, nj.com, you'll see that not every site has the new feel.

it still sucks.

Stick to the day job, Russell. There's hardly a person of influence in The O newsroom who doesn't realize it's in the information business, not the newspaper business. The problem? You already said it. Oregon Live is a separate company. The O's ability to influence it is limited.

Now if they can just stop that absurd demographic-mining they do whenever someone wants to read an article. Hasn't anyone at Advance wondered about that 104 year old woman in zip code 12345 who loves the Oregonian?

And the 94-year-old man from that same zip code. AnyhowÖ maybe justsomeguy could tell us when or if The Oís contract with Oregon Live expires?

Contract? There isn't one as far as I know. Advance Internet is a separate company from the newspapers, but they've all got the same parent company.

And if y'all are complaining about having to put in a birth year and zip code (and only on your first visit), you must not go to many other news sites. Seems a small price to pay for free news.

Thatís too bad. I keep hoping that The O will turn into a 21st century news/information/community site and that is probably *never* going to happen.

And youíre right, it is petty to complain about the zip code thing. Itís just annoying because the demographic information they collect is worthless and those of us with cookie blocking have to keep entering it.

Nate: Next time the box comes up, click where it says "Outside the U.S.? Click here." Pops you right on in.

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