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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wisdom from the Far East

I don't know much about his politics, but Troutdale Councilor Robert Canfield has a good blog going. Today he enlightens us about some of the secrets of political speech. He's also after some public money that he suggests has been misspent. Blog on, dude!

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Jack: A look at some of the links on his blog might give you a steer as to his politics (i.e. decidedly right of this state's "blue" majority). But I guess the only link that matters is the one to your blog no doubt. And you're decidedly apolitical, isn't that right??


Use seduction not insult. Or as mom says, honey gets you further than vinegar.

Take Gordon Smith's "pity the poor" tripe today on supporting the Oregon Health Plan for the poor, for political consumption of the so-called left.

Any student of Pavlov might note that if you don't want a teething puppy to chew on a couch you hand them a dime-store dog bone instead, with a comforting pat on the head.

Never mind the structural problems like monopoly and extensions of the life of patents etc.

Acceptance of the dime-store dog bones might not appeal to all, as full appeasement of desires.

Jack, in my opinion, is decidedly closer to an insightful center (skeptical center) than to a contented bone chewer that is labeled as progressive blue.

Kaza - who cares where the links on the councilors blog go to? It appears to me that you noticed them, decided that the good councilor is "right" of where you would prefer, and now will automatically discount what he's blogging of because of that? If the councilor is demanding accountability for taxpayer dollars that are doled out, that's a good thing. Regardless of whether or not you think he jives with most of the "blue" Oregonians...

I didn't realize that I lived in the "Far East"!

Personally, I find Councilor Canfield to be a breath of fresh air on the Troutdale City Council. With the mayor we've got, we need someone to look out for true interests of the city residents!

Don't just a blog by its blogroll.

Councilor Canfield's politics on at least one issue are fairly evident here. http://troutdale.blogspot.com/2005/10/minnis-haters-want-to-spread-love-in.html

Canfield is all talk and no action. Troutdale is paying some of the highest garbage rates around and the police force needs more help.

Blue majority? Someone needs to represent the 866,831 Oregonians who voted for GWB. Minnis and Canfield are but two.

Blue Oregonians are in for a rude awakening when they start putting feet on the ground in Wood Village to try and throw Minnis out. Minnis reflects their values, no matter how messed up you think they are. The scruffy kid from Eugene who's knocking on their door probably won't. Just as Willamette Valley farmers didn't see themselves in a jet-setting liberal from LA/London/NYC.

It's the great forgotten lesson of the Dean campaign in Iowa. In the end, voters didn't see themselves in the kid from Vermont wearing the goofy orange trucker cap.

An alternative Minnis plan might be to back a moderate Republican for Speaker and get three or four other R's to back him/her. Bada bing, you get your bill through AND Minnis would be out of power. It might be easier than beating her in her own hometown. Just a thought.

Boy, Andy has jumped in as the first poster, in both cases disparaging, on two of the three blogs I've checked this evening. Poor little guy must have woke up on the wrong side of bed.

At least he seems to be an equal-opportunity disparager.

I take it that activist kaza has a bad case of intolerance regarding conservative bloggers. That's ok with me. It's good to see that leftists practice what they preach regarding tolerance and diversity of opinion.

Next time you're out in east multnomah county, kaza, stop on by, I'll by you a beer.

Chris Snethen is absolutely correct in east county's reaction to the out of state Deaniacs and assorted tree huggers that descended on us last election cycle.

I looked forward to each and every out of state door knocker, though. It was great to see their faces after answering the door, listening to their sales pitch, and then saying,

"Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce you to my dog, George W. . . ."


Intolerant? Not at all - I happen to enjoy the cut & thrust, as they say...I was simply pointing out what a bright guy like Jack could have noticed about your blog - i.e. that it has a decidedly conservative tilt.

Since the abolition of dog racing, I don't get out to Troutdale very often, but if I do, I'll definitely take you up on your offer for a beer at Edgefield (or wherever you prefer).

And tho the choices aren't so glamorous over here, I will gladly reciprocate if you ever happen to make it near Manzanita...

P.S. Jack: in my book, blogrolls are referrals which cannot avoid reflecting on the bloggers' taste, judgment, humor or in this case, politics. Since I obviously lack all of the above, I've avoided said links on my blog (also because I'm too lazy).

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