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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Welcome Dan Zanes

The Stones have come and gone. McCartney, too. But tomorrow is the concert event our family has been waiting for: Dan Zanes.

UPDATE, 11/6, 8:30 p.m.: Another great show by Dan and his friends. One of the nice side benefits is all the encouragement you get from the group to make your own music with your family and friends once you get home. Every song is a singalong -- if you let it be.

Portland was the last stop on the group's latest swing out west. By now they're on their way back to Brooklyn. Godspeed, folks, and thanks.

Comments (3)

i first heard of Dan Zanes when you wrote about him in a post some time ago. he's great. thanks

holy cow i still got a coupla Del Fuegos albums floating around. Good to see him still out there making music.

Dan Zanes and Peter Himmelman are my favorites.

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