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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Shoddy journalism

You can't trust the mainstream media (or MSM, as the kids call them). Look at the glaring inconsistencies between this version of a breaking international story and this one. On a matter that important, you'd think they'd get it right. But no.

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While there may seem to be an inconsistency, I know from personal experience that (1) there are no "elk" at least as we know them, in Sweden, and (2) that Swedes use the words interchangeably to refer to the animals we know as Moose. I've advised them otherwise, but they persist in this folly.

A note that the creatures we in North America call 'moose' are called 'elk' by the europeans. Our elk are more properly 'wapiti'.

see http://www.desertusa.com/mag00/may/papr/elk.html



UPI is mainstream media?

They're a subsidiary of the Moonies now... no more "MSM" than those loonies over at Capitol Hill Blue or NewsMax.

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