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Monday, November 14, 2005

Rising star

Just when I thought I had become my family's version of a celebrity, my nephew upstages me. The scary part is, this kid will have himself set for life by the time he's 30. Meanwhile, I'll be telling tax jokes to students 'til my false teeth are falling out and I'm 80 -- and that's if I'm lucky.

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How does one post here without using one of the three forbidden words? I guess I'll try.

I've found I'm much better in tournaments than I am "live". I've even managed to make a few bucks doing it. There's a tournament coming up in Grand Ronde over Thanksgiving that I'm planning to enter. The winner there gets to play in a big TV tournament at a popular tourist destination near Lake Mead. Should be fun.

That is seriously cool. Methinks the apple didn't fall far from the tree. That story would be yet another cliping your father would have carried around to show the guys at Cooney's and the Post.

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