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Monday, November 28, 2005

Public to PDC: Leave Saturday Market alone

The Portland Development Commission has posted all the comments it has received over the internet about the proposal to move Saturday Market to make way for a condo tower with a snooty "public market" attached.

The clearly expressed view of the majority of commenters is to leave the market where it has been for the last 30 years.

Now we'll see what impact that has -- if any.

The whole 43-page pdf file is here.

Comments (7)

Is that just online public input, or does it include all the other methods as well?

(Not asking because I think the other methods somehow tip the scales in the other direction, I'm just trying to tell if this is everything or just part of it.)

I believe it's only the online comments. The press release that came from PDC today said:

"The Saturday Market Permanent Home Study website has been updated to include all the public comments received through the online feedback form and a summary of all feedback that was gathered and provided to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee: www.pdc.us/saturdaymarket"

The "summary" is here:


I wouldn't trust the "translation" of the comments into those bars on that graph, if I were you.

It was published on the Friday after Thanksgiving? Yikes. Who got assigned THAT duty? Perhaps they were hoping it would just go away.

Well, even that summary makes it pretty clear that opinion is weighted heavily in favor of leaving it where it is.

I still think that's short-sighted, but it does clearly seem to be the public sentiment.

Thanks for telling us that we had a chance to comment Jack. I think the PDC is just using us again, and a deal is already done to move the market. Just a hunch.

Shades of the Burnside Bridgehead Project! Of course the deal is already done, that's the way the PDC operates.

How valuable are comments from people who haven't even read the report, as some of you make clear you haven't?

They did include comments at public meetings, as well as letters and online comments.

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