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Friday, November 11, 2005

Oregon: We're goofy out here

Check out the roll call by which the U.S. Senate agreed by a 49-42 vote yesterday to an amendment to a defense policy bill that would bar suspected foreign terrorists held at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from filing lawsuits in American courts to challenge their detentions.

A yes vote was a vote to add the amendment to the bill, which is expected to be voted on next week. Only five Democrats voted yes, including our own Ron Wyden. And only four Republicans voted no, including our own Gordon Smith.

Let's hope this is our guys' idea of a funny practical joke. Especially Wyden, who may be spending too much time at New York socialite parties these days. Hey Ron, if Gordon and Arlen Specter can get it right, why can't you? You are still a Democrat, aren't you?

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You should also note that this amendment is being added in direct response to those crazy liberals over at the Supreme Court, who ruled that detainees do in fact have legal standing.

I love the way we use words. "Detainee." Sounds positively delicate.

"Democrat," meanwhile, becomes another one of those words whose meaning increasingly defies definition.

When our actions are driven by expediency and opportunism -rather than principle-- we end up needing a new vocabulary. And a new paradigm for leadsership.

I get awfully tired of voting for people who embarass me.

Ron's all hot to beat up on the oil companies this week. I guess if we can keep gas prices down, to heck with the Bill of Rights.

I think Ron's too busy trying to figure out how to spin to the folks back home his upcoming "yes" vote on Alito, and he just can't be bothered with these little votes of no consequence.

His office is closed today, will see Monday if he is planning to issue some public explanation. Don't prejudge him, maybe he has one.

He probably thinks he's untouchable. That's what a lot of them think early in their final terms. I can hear his eventual challenger now: "He doesn't really live in Oregon any more, and he doesn't care about the needs of Oregon's little people any more. It's time to elect someone who can still relate to real people here in Oregon." If that someone had name recognition and actual credentials, it could be at least somewhat interesting.

Of course, Ron has a jillion in the bank from campaigns with no real opponent, and plenty more in the Mrs.' jewelry box, so you probably couldn't beat him even if he kissed Karl Rove's derriere in Macy's window (formerly Meier & Frank).

Don't prejudge him, maybe he has one.

The only explanation that would make sense is that he thinks that the defense bill is a turkey, and that is has a better chance of being voted down with this horrible amendment attached.

And Smith voted no because he feared the same?

I abused Jack's hospitality too much already, so head over to Blue Oregon for an interesting discussion, and an open letter to Sen. Wyden masquerading as a plea, if interested.

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