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Friday, November 11, 2005

Meditation of the Day

Evangelist Pat Robertson is always coming up with new commandments for us all to follow. This week's is a real doozy:

"Don't turn to God."

What a guy.

Comments (2)

Sure, itís annoying that Pat Robertson would try and scare a little Pennsylvania town with the wrath-of-God bit, but itís really no different than the threat of hell used to coerce millions and millions of people into religious submission. I prefer the Santa Claus doctrine: Be good for goodness sake.

Pat's favorite book, of course, is the Old Testament. All that smiting, smoting, burning, drowning, plaguing arouses him. Purely, good old-fashioned religious arousal, mind you. I've also heard he has a book club, but it offers only one book. You can probably guess what it is. (No, it's not Scooter Libby's suddenly revived novel.)

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