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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jerk of the Month

This month, there was a clear winner. Nobody comes close to this.

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watch out, he'll sue you next.

What would be fascinating would be for the Oregonian to reprint the hagiography they did on Weiderhorn about 8 years ago before the sh, er, $350M hit the fan.

It was a 5-day thing about following Weiderhorn around telling one banker after another that if you don't loan me more money you won't get back what I already owe you.

I mean does this guy even know how to spell the word shame?

Breach of contract? What a joke. The judge should dismiss for failure to state a claim and hit Wiederhorn's lawyer w/ sanctions. Poor kids.

the photos of Mr W must be among the most unpleasant I have ever seen! Do editors seek out the "worst" ones to print? This is one nasty guy!

I believe there's a lot more to this story than what's come out so far. Paying him millions while sitting in prison. It's so obvious that he took a dive to cover for somebody else. The question is who and for what?

Whatever happened to that old fashioned concept of just taking your marbles (or millions) and going home if the other kids won't play with you?

I think Bill makes a good point. There's definitely more to the story.

As for Weiderhorn's lawsuit against the MAC, what's the big deal? Why is his argument questioned? If there's any validity to the story Jack provided a link to on the matter, I would think Weiderhorn has a reasonable argument if indeed the MAC is dishing out preferential treatment to it's members by allowing others with criminal convictions to retain their memberships.

Can't figure why in the world Weiderhorn would want to devote any of his time and energy to this particular battle. You'd think he'd of brainstormed more important battles during his few minutes at Club Fed considering he was obviously smart enough to break some federal laws and get paid millions while he served his minute and a half of time.

Curious how many others out there in blogland who would commit the same crimes as Weiderhorn for a multi-million dollar payday and an 18 month stay at Club Fed?

Let's see how many liars there are out there.

For the right amount of money, I might do some significant harm to the kneecaps of a guy like Weiderhorn. But I wouldn't do what Weiderhorn did for any amount of money.

If the MAC has to let him back in, I might just join the club myself for the pleasure of being able to call him a sleazebag to his face.

Of course, I'd need a little help on the dues. But, ah, no felonies yet.

If he gets back in, maybe there will still be hope for Mr. Goldschmidt to be readmitted, too.

An investigator once told me that when crooks start fighting crooks like this, then we come to the kind of paradox that can collapse the Good Old Boy system -which someone else called "a house of cards held together with Crazy Glue."


The MAC is all about "dishing out preferential treatment". That's why it exists. When new applications are put up (which can only be done by existing members) they can get blackballed by others and never see the light of day. The idea that Wiederhorn is whining about not being let back in to what exists as an exclusionary club in the first place is laughable.

On the other hand, I kind of enjoy seeing these people fight it out amonst themselves.

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