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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

It wasn't my idea

Well, there I am in the Tribune today. I hope this is it for my 15 minutes. I'm starting to feel like the Clarklewis restaurant -- good, but way overexposed for what it is. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and all that.

I'm afraid I'm becoming the Portland blogosphere's equivalent of Peter Frampton.

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good for you jack. i'm happy to have seen and read the article before you posted the above. overall, i felt the article did you justice. i have to agree with randy about the negative side of the blog, but your answer was just what i needed to hear to keep interested. thanks for that. i am looking at your blog and reading it from a different perspective now that i know a little more about your thoughts on it all.

way to go good sir.

Thanks for the kind words.

Even when b!X was around, I felt the need to "call b.s." when it's due, as one reader here recently put it. With b!X now off the scene, it's even more important that somebody offset the crushing momentum that the bureaucrats always enjoy.

Keep it up. It's tough being held up by some segment of the commenting blogosphere as the standard-bearer, with all the implied expectations of that role. I've been wondering, if now that b!x is gone, if your tone or level of stridency would change. So far, you've continued to be a great, informative read. Negativity? I'm from Jersey too - it's a relative thing.

Keep it going - I don't have the backbone to "go political" in my 'blog.

Uh, Jack, it is "clarklewis." All lowercase. Really, now. ;)

Hey! I still have a soft spot in my heart for Mr. Frampton...

I predict the blog now will become even more widely read. As for the concern with "negativity". I have never been anywhere since first grade where there has been so much emphasis on being "nice" over being real. We are supposed to focus on solutions, not problems. But how in the heck can anyone solve a problem if he or she can't define it? The good old boy system here has created some shockingly horrible problems that need airing. Portland needs to move beyond denial and grow the heck up!

I think you have earned the nickname "Thorny."
Keep up you have them squirming as no others could.

Boy did Eric Sten tell a whopper: he hasn't visited Bojack.org in six months! Yeah surrrre.

And Randy Leonard, gee. If ya can't say nothin nice.....

Now, now. Who knows what nice things Randy said that were left on the "cutting room floor"? He's always said that he cares more for my nostalgic geezerisms about my youth than for my rants about city politics.

Last night I had to dig out Tunnel Of Love. Now I have to find Fampton Comes Alive. On the plus-side, the lovey-dovey version of "Baby Got Back" I found on The Net last week is finally out of my head.

Not sure if I should thank you, Dwight, or both for the shout-out. It was really nice. Now if I could only find the Trib in The Couv.

it's even more important that somebody offset the crushing momentum that the bureaucrats always enjoy.

Actually...its generally truer that us bureaucrats get "crushed" under the wheels of politicians and their operatives. That's why governments and corporations have "official spokespeople" ready to trot out the party line, and generally we're told to shut up.

While I don't always agree with you, your blog is a pleasure...thoughtful, funny and sincere. In my worldview, there are people who care to make a difference, and there are people who are takers. You give a lot...and I think what you provide does make a difference and is very much worth the effort. And very much appreciated.

I think Portland can handle your tough love.

I first ran across your blog when I read about you quiting. I've been reading it daily ever since you came out of retirement. Keep telling it like you see it that's why I keep reading.

Professor BoJack, you have much hipper hair than Frampton, that gives you enough bona fide staying power to ride out the decade on top.

Is it ok if we address you as the "godfather" in class? It sounds much better if you leave out the "of the Portland blogosphere" title in the article.

-your humble tax student


I've been reading your blog since March, (I'm a 1L at L&C now), and I can't help but think that someone like yourself is missing a huge opportunity to get the students involved in policing thei enviroment. I mean, a huge mass of idealistic law students keeping track of the all the things that are obviously going wrong in the area would be a huge boon as a resource for righting our community. Hopefully, you'll find a way to get students more involved in your inspired critique. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations. That was quite an article. Your dad would have carried a copy around with him to show to the guys at Cooney's and the Post. Doubtless, you mom is handing out copies at the supermarket. :-)

And to think I knew ya when ya wuz a squoit.

Keep rockin'.

I prefer to think that Peter Frampton is the Jack Bogdanski of guitar players. And speaking of guitar, I just got back from seeing the Stones, and I was blown away. All these years later, and they still surprised me with their greatness. I went in 1998 on jokes I sold to Leno about Monica Lewinsky.
This Rolling Stones ticket was mostly paid for by Harriet Miers. Life is good. I’m so proud of those lads, but back to this Trib piece. You’ve done the impossible here. You got Dwight Jaynes off the “I-hate-soccer, slow baseball, and the Blazers” beat. It reminded me of how good a writer Dwight really is. Good job. By the way, I saw Peter Frampton with Ringo’s band and the long locks are gone but the boy can actually play lead guitar. Would that your blog lasts so long.

Thanks, folks. Hey, Jim, I hope you saw the sidebar, where I got in a plug for you, Twisty, and Pinktalk.

I hadn't noticed, but I just took a look. Thanks, Cuz. I owe you a beer. :-)

Since when does Dwight write about blogs. Must be running out of reporters at the Tribune.

I think you should ride this wave of publicity and file against Erik Sten.

You know, if you wanted to, you can turn down interviews instead of "bitching" about your 15 minutes of fame. Ha ha. I know I have after all these. It's exhausting.

Well now I feel proud that you called me on being nasty to Dishpan Tammy. Pot, kettle, you know. Hurts, doesn't it?

Alan, as usual you warm my heart.

Wow, people still remember me around here! Whether for good or for bad I like that! LOl Jack, I like your blog. You're the greatest!

I'll never forget our wild nights, Tammy! :)

Nice article, Jack. I've been up in Seattle all week and just read it.

Keep up the great work! (I've been a closet reader for a few months now!!)

Wow, I'm really behind the ball. I just found out about the Trib article and that you referred my blog - thanks! Now I feel even guiltier about not updating in over two months. However, I will be back at the strange chord this weekend.


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