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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Classic joke set-up

"China is going to vaccinate all of its 5.2 billion chickens against the avian flu."

O.k., all you would-be Lettermans and Lenos, what's the next line?

A. Colonel Sanders advised customers in the United States to just wear a condom.

B. I've been vaccinating my chicken for years.

C. A half hour later, they'll be sick again.

It's a work in progress. Fill in your own punchline in the comments.

Comments (12)

China is going to vaccinate all of its 5.2 billion chickens against the avian flu...

They're just not sure how to get the sauerkraut into all those little syringes.

The human population will just have to gut it out.

Just dip your nuggets in McDonald's ranch dressing -- that will kill any virus.

Leaders of the Traditional Poultry Values Coalition oppose vaccination because they believe it sends the wrong message to young chickens who may see it as an endorsement of immoral behavior that transmits the flu, such as making out.

Proving that a socialized medical care system works...for chickens.

China is going to vaccinate all of its 5.2 billion chickens against the avian flu, according to the head of the Chinese Health Ministry, General Tso.

Tso gave a fiery response to reporter’s questions about why the chickens should be kept alive given reports that some had already been processed and exported to western countries, endangering their food supplies.

Once again Tso reacted angrily turning to face reporters and speaking in a high pitched voice, “Why did these chickens end up crossing the ocean? To get to the other side I suppose.”

Tso also sought to calm concerns that a potential pandemic might result in collateral problems such as widespread power outages. “Please, be realistic, the lights may dim some, but they won’t go out.”

Such uncharacteristic and cynical behavior by the General prompted aides to end the press conference early.

It’s an old communist promise Chairman Mao made in 1928: A chicken for every shot.

"Vaccinate the chicken?"

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Sigh. I just can't keep up.

PETA has offered to care for the resulting 5.2 million autistic fowl.

Then they realized they could have saved money on 4.3 billion vaccinations by simply vaccinating the humans.

The vaccine is incubated in chix eggs, right?....and then injected in chix??? Isn't that incest? What sort of monster will they create?

Which came first -- the chicken or the flu?

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