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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bus kid makes good, again

Congratulations to Alex Dewar, a Portlander who's just been named a Rhodes Scholar. A Lincoln High grad, Dewar is currently the student body president at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where he's majoring in political science and working on the campus radio station, among other pursuits. He's worked for 1000 Friends of Oregon and Trout Unlimited as well as for the Oregon Bus Project. At one point he headed to Uganda on a project for the Foundation for Sustainable Development. He's been a Udall Scholar, a Truman Scholar, and now the big enchilada itself -- the Rhodes. Nice going.

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Alex... now don't you forget us folks back home. Be sure to come back from Oxford. Oregon needs smart ones like you. Congrats.

What a wonderful accomplishment, Alex is not the only young person Portland can be proud of if you go the "Bus Kid's" site, the profiles of young people and a few of us old farts let you know that these kids have their heads screwed on strait and are going to reestablish democracy. Just Last Saturday, the Building Blocks, Building Votes wing which shares offices and a website with The Bus Project, rallied a great bunch of young people to go out and register voters, they knocked on over 700 Doors, registered over 50 voters, and contacted potential voters in underregistered areas and recruited non-partisan precinct captains. These young people have figured out talking heads, and like Alex don't just talk about things but go out and get involved and do something positive. The work Alex did in Uganda a good example but we also have a bunch of young people Alex's old cohorts right here in Portland we can get involved insupporting.

Way to go Alex! Those of us who had the pleasure of working with Alex at the Bus Project can tell you that he is not only very bright and dedicated to helping people, but is also a very down to earth guy. Alex, I hope you keep all the other Rhodies humble.

i've volunteered with Alex as we canvassed this state stumping for progressive candidates. he indeed is one of the good guys and i wish him all the best.

A good kid, until you find that he works for 1000 Fiends against Oregon.

And here I thought the kid had promise.

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