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Monday, November 21, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: b!X is back!

But he says he's off the politics. Here's his new blog. Whatever he writes about, his return after two or three months away is most welcome.

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Yes, and please ask him to change from white on black so we can read him.

Knowing this and seeing what he's doing there was enough for me to finally get a TypeKey ID.

Good times.

hmm... not so sure this is good. blogging can be a sort of addiction. b!x struggled with his love for blogging and his need for gainful employment and career.

did i read the old blog? of course. loved it.

but once he walked away, i worried that he'd not be able to keep from scratching the itch for too long.

so welcome back, but make sure the real world is functioning as well as the virtual one.

Great news!! But my middle-aged eyes struggle to read the white on black text. The effects of red and/or white on black is taught as a no-no in graphic design classes for just this reason. But thrilled to B!X back!

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