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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Battle of Gresham photo gallery, cont'd

Gen. "Donny Reb" McIntire, firebrand commander-in-chief of the secessionist forces.

A Union drummer looks out over heavy casualties.

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"In the autumn of 2005, the citizens of Gresham said enough with all the jive.
They hated all the taxes for Multnomah County greed,
and that's when they started up the Battle to Secede."

"In twen-ty-oh-five we took a little tram
And rode the Red Line railroad to the city of Gresh-ham
We took some income taxes and we took a user fee
And we fought the Don and Minnis in the Flats of Felony"

You've outdone yourself with these pics. Perfect.

And in this instance the rebels are on the right side. I'd move to Gresham if Don could pull this off.

"The Flats of Felony"
It doesn't get much funnier than that, Jack, unless it's the picture of the Union drummer.

The drummer boy is looking out on a field of unpaid water bills.

A citizen of Gresham awaiting.

Humor me Jack.

Heh heh, you hosted it -- knock yourself out.

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