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Friday, October 28, 2005

Sources say new Court pick already settled

Sources at the White House are whispering this evening that President Bush has already selected his next nominee for the Supreme Court seat being vacated by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. "It's a true conservative -- someone the President trusts implicitly," one high-level administration official reported. "And it's another woman, which should help with the nomination."

The sources said the nominee had already been cleared with leaders of the far right element of the Republican Party. "When we circulated a bunch of names on the hill, a few of the more conservative members responded back with this name as an alternative. The more the President thought about it, the more he liked it." And although the candidate's experience with constitutional law is limited, the aide said, "she'll bring the fresh outlook that we're after, without all the baggage of trying to protect White House secrets. It's clear from her career background that she's decisive and authoritative. She's recognized around the world as a prime mover in law and policy within the executive branch. She's guided our country at the highest levels for nearly 20 years."

I must admit, it's a dynamite choice.

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Dayumn. I wanted Phyllis Schlafly.

Why not one of the twins?

Substance issues.

You mean one of the Prussian Blue twins?

Did they inhale?

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