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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On second thought...

Like many Americans, I have been growing progressively more worried about the increasing influence of China over America's future. But having seen this, I now feel a lot better. (Via Almost 30.)

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Yao fans. They're everywhere.

Is that Kobe on the computer behind them?

The guy in the front is wearing no. 6. Whoever that was has been traded, I think.

Looks like he also got whacked in the Ro Sham Bo contest to see who got to be Yao.

I thought Steve Francis was #6?

Finally getting to talk to students at Tsinghua University, away from our handlers, in Beijing in 1975...mostly they talked about how their folks didn't understand them, they didn't want crappy jobs when they grew up, and sex. That was at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution.

Young people are our greatest hope. They're goofy, self-absorbed, sometimes ridiculous, and generally smarter then we are (and if you doubt me, just ask them.) Its why we love our kids, sacrifice for them...and then smile at their pretension. As they smile at ours.

Francis is no. 3.

Sorry, but this is driving me nuts, the last #6 was Tito Maddox in 2002-2003? The jersey shop must have been having a fire sale if that is true.

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