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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's happened before

I remember it well. I was standing over the teletype machine at my place of employment, The Jersey Journal, when the bell on that big black box started ringing off the hook, and it printed out the news, one letter at a time, the way it did only for a "flash."

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Are you sure you're not just being a nattering nabob of negativism? (My personal favorite of his alliterative attacks on us activists.)

At least Spiro was funny in a creepy, sleazy kind of way. Cheney's just creepy and sleazy. Really creepy.

I heard on the news last night --OK, maybe it was Jon Stewart-- that Bush is feeling isolated and yelling a lot more at staff. As Iraq looks more and more like Vietnam, can it be we have Bush and Chaney channeling Nixon and Agnew?

at least spiro, then mr. nixon, had the decency to resign.

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