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Friday, October 7, 2005

Happy hour

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The top ten signs that George Bush is drinking again would go perfect w/ this.


I assume you're basing your comments on President Bush going off the wagon on the Enquirer piece. Leno was joking about the issue in his monologue. This seems to be something that the lefties are repeating ("repeating" mind you, not saying).

This is a very serious accusation. It would be a very dangerous situation if the President were a recovering alcoholic who has gone off the wagon. To joke about this is pretty damned irresponsible.

I'm pretty sure if this were true that your buddies at the New York Times would be all over it. I haven't seen anyone (other than the Enquirer) suggesting this. Unless there's really something here, I think it's beneath you, and pretty dirty tactics on the part of your leftist friends.


Hey, in case you haven't noticed, there is no comment here by me. Read the picture any way you want.

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