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Monday, September 5, 2005

Vicki Walker for Governor

My favorite politician in the whole state (or anywhere, really) announced today an exploratory campaign for governor. State Sen. Vicki Walker from Eugene will be taking on Special K in the primary, and perhaps Ron Saxton in the general.

Am I ever down with Vicki for Governor. Because Neil G. doesn't deserve a third term.

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When precisely *are* the elections?

Primary: May 16, 2006
General: Nov. 7, 2006

I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with Senator Walker a few months ago. Politically, we are a ways apart on many things, but I was absolutely impressed with her energy, intelligence and dedication to the people of Oregon. She is definitely the one to clean out the "good old boys" network down in Salem, and she is fearless. If my party comes up with another "uber rightist" and Vicki makes it through the primary I will be supporting her.

Well now, Teddy (the notorious napper) is best off donating his campaign money to the Red Cross and perhaps in Neil's name as he sure could use the image boost.

I too like Vicki Walker.

She's tough, somewhat independent, and is serious about being a watchdog of sorts over goverment agency deceit.

I had her on my radio show some time ago and promised that if she got the bill to repeal CIM/CAM through her committee I would register as a Democrat and support her for governor.

Sadly, she didn't do it. Her explanation was that the Democrat caucus said no. (Which is why I put the qualifier "somwhat" before the word "independent" above.)

Nevertheless, I like Vicki and respect her straight shooting style. At the very least it will be fun to have her in the race against sleepy Ted. She is sure to shake things up in a way that the nerdy Sorenson couldn't.


"Democrat caucus said no"

Every single Democrat legislator fell in line to keep the failed CIM/CAM reform.
Every one.

Have our newspapers reported why we still have CIM/CAM?

How is it that such a loppsided split on a major school issue goes unreported?

There is something terribly wrong when such basic
yet germane information does not reach the public.

Hey, I'd even be willing to contribute to her campaign. At least we would have someone new as a Governor.

Ron Saxton doesn't have a snowball's chance in the GOP primary. Oregon Republicans are about to take another march off the cliff with Kevin Mannix.

I'm all for Vicki for Guv. Anyone who has the guts to take on the Glodschmidt Mafia gets my vote!

My vote will never go to Vicki Walker for one reason; she actually thinks corporations pay taxes.

If elected, she'd push Oregon even further into recession.

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