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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The latest from Lars

Just got a breathless e-mail from Lars Larson (that's redundant, I know) in which he hawks Jason Atkinson for governor, along with a good old-fashioned money pitch:

Let me tell you how important this is to me. I have never used my email list to solicit funds for a candidate before. That is how much I believe in Jason Atkinson. He is the right man for the job.

So, would you please consider making a modest contribution to the "Atkinson for Governor" committee. A contribution in the amount of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford will help Jason begin what promises to be an historic march to the Governor's office in 2006.

Please send your donation to : P.O. Box 1965, Wilsonville, OR 97070 or go to the link below where you can make a donation online. Although Jason won't turn down a large donation, Jason is focused on raising money from fellow common-sense Republicans who want to make a difference in Oregon. Any amount you can send Jason will no doubt be both appreciated and humbling.

And you know, Lars is an expert on "humbling"...

Anyway, it looks like Mannix is out, Atkinson is in, on the tighty righty side.

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And KXl is now so desperate to sell tickets to its Oreilly etc talkfest they are giving away tickets to any bum that can a ring a sally army bell for four hours. The same bums that Lars disparages nearly every week.

I'd pay $20 to watch them unbuckle Michael Savage's straitjacket.

Should be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. Lars just has Mannix on his show today and in a slip of the tongue nearly called Mannix the Republican candidate for Govrnor. He quickly backtracked, saying "a" candidate for governor. Wonder if Kevin will be appearing on his show after this.

Atkinson is the son of Perry Atkinson, former head of the state party. Atkinson Sr. whined in the papers about a year ago that Gordon Smith was pushing him out as party head and threatened Atkinson Jr's political career if Sr. didn't go away. Now here we are. Should be interesting to watch and see how they try and out-maneuver one another to the right. Almost makes me want to move back south of the river to campaign for Mannix the liberal. Almost.

Will also be interested to hear Lars' take on out-of-state contributors/supporters in the '06 campaign.

lars watchr, can you tell me when it was that Lars disparaged Salvation Army bell ringers as bums? I might have missed that show, and want to make sure I didn't miss out on my right-wing marching orders.

Criticize the man for what he actually says that you find objectionable; make stuff up and it speaks to your credibility.

Ron saxton will be the centrist running against righties Mannix and Atkinson in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Tony. You mis read what I wrote. I didn't say that Lars had called Salvation army bellringers bums. My point was that the Army doesn't get brain surgeons to ring their bells. As you might expect, they seem to be successful in recruiting the kinds of people that might find themselves in Dignity Village , a place that Lars regularly moans about.

Ron Saxton has about as much chance of winning the Republican primary as Mildred Schwab.

Anyone who uses a candidate's father against them is a spineless coward. Jason Atkinson is a grown man, if you can't knock him down on his own...just don't knock him down.

I have rung bells for the Salvation Army a number of times. I don't live in Dignity Village. Maybe you ought to try it. It's easy, fun and you feel good when you've finished.

lars watchr, now i sorta understand what you were saying, but I don't buy it.

Gus, no way anyone is going to vote for Saxton. He is the criminal enabler to "Kneel" Goldschmidt (his friend and lawyer and co-system manipulator). On the issues, he is pro-abortion, pro-tax, pro-gay unions, anti-land use freedom. He hired and gave sweet golden parachutes to guys like Ben Canada and Steve Goldschmidt. He thinks that the problem with K-12 in Oregon is just financial. Ok if you want to be all of that and support that, but I guarantee you that Oregon voters, particularly Republicans, aren't going to find that sort of thing appealing.

Oh..and Jason is going to take lots of his southern/eastern Oregon votes. And the Riley poll a few weeks ago showed that among independents, moderates, and democrats, Mannix outperformed Saxton pretty substantially.

Saxton has not a chance. He is wasting his time and his donors' money.

I like when Lars has C.W. JEnsen on as an expert.
He and Lars never agree. SO i think you have to give lars credit for not always having yes men on his show.

I am confident that Atkinson can beat Kulongoski. I am equally confident that Mannix can't. Therefore, I back Atkinson. He's a good man, and the right man for the job.

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