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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sir Isaac

I had the pleasure yesterday of lunching at an undisclosed location with the author of the pseudonymous Portland blog Isaac Laquedem. Given his secret identity, I won't say much more than that I enjoyed seeing him again. He is a true gentleman and scholar from the old school.

My in-person contacts with area bloggers have been great fun. I've been on the radio a couple of times with b!X (who appears to be stirring -- we hope that's a sign of things to come); and had lunch with Snethen; the Schmuck; and Worldwide Pablo. I've also fleetingly met Betsy.

Being a blogger has its benefits.

Comments (3)

Come to Eugene; I'll buy you a beer.

Pick a place anywhere on the Streetcar alignment and I'll buy lunch.

-- Chris

Glad to hear that you and Isaac have finally lunched. High time, WWP thinks, that you know his true identity. How close was your guess? [Ours was completely off.]

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