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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Movin' on up

Senator Ron Wyden has married famed New York City bookseller Nancy Bass, according to press reports. It's no. 2 for Wyden, 56, who was divorced six or seven years back. It's the first marriage for Ms. Bass, 44.

The new Mrs. Ron is co-owner with her father, Fred Bass, of Manhattan's famed Strand Bookstore. She lives on Fifth Avenue in the Big Apple, has an MBA from Wisconsin, was once a manager for Exxon, and is a serious East Coast socialite. One of her pet projects at the Strand is selling "books by the foot" to folks who want them for their looks, not necessarily to read them. In like manner, she creates bookshelf backdrops for TV and movies.

An unlikely couple? It sure seems so. But at least we can all rest easier now, knowing that both our senators are big-time multi-millionaires. And think of how funny it's going to be watching Wyden play the role of the commoner when he's back among his constituents. Check out this story about how Ron roughs it at the Yankee games these days. Hands off the estate tax, Gatsby!

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Snide observations aside, I hope they have many happy years together.

Observation: Oregon Senators, inherit money or marry money. Hmmm. Pretty much explains the Democrats and Republicans. But, more NE influence on our Oregon Politics, especially on the Demo side.
I am sure they married for love. Best of Luck.

So ummm....Do we still have a Senator from Oregon then?

This woman doesn't exactly look like she's ready to move to Tigard, much less Roseburg or Pendleton.

Maybe he can fill Hillary's seat then.

Good point Lumpy. Specifically, we're getting more like Massachusetts every day - they have Kennedy, Kerry and the Big Dig...now we have our two millionaires in the senate along with a Big Ditch. Maybe now they can get together on the gas prices.

At least Ron's a Yankees fan! I'm not sure which is worse...Republicans or Red Sox fans! :)

Just a word of caution for the good senator. Peopple who marry for money earn it.

Do you have an idea of how many US senators are not millionaires?

sorry 40 *are* millionaires, 60 are not.

As a red sox fan, I can tell you republicans are worse. Hell we'll just jump on your car and set trash cans on fire..republicans they'll steal repo your car and as Molly Ivins says..."they won't even piss in your ear if your brain is on fire".

Bill Frist probably moved up the scale a little, with his little insider trading gambit.

Well, let's just wish the happy couple a wonderful life. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if she has a sister...????

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