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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How to tawk right

If ya's are gonna try to tawk Joisey, do it right, fa cryin out loud. Heah, listen to Pawlie, erright? An' don't do it at woik, or yas'll get yer a*ses canned, ya hear me? (Via PRS.)

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Yo joizey boy what part you from? Me is from passaic me from joizey you from joizey?

Exit 15E.

My college roommate for three years was from Kendall Park. I used to drive him nuts with my faux-Jersey accent. "Hey Billy! How da #$%^ youse doin', unh?"

He was a good sport. I still have all my teeth.

Exit 165....but as we "Joisyans" know, it is completely unkewl and utterly lame to ask for location by exit.

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