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Friday, September 30, 2005

Film at 11

Here's the rundown of video clips available for your viewing pleasure tonight on the Channel 12 news website here in Portland:

Featured Videos
Girl dead after hanging
Accused dad found not guilty
Boring shooting
Car theft spree
John Roberts sworn in as chief justice
Salem drivers urged to keep close eyes on cars
Man shot by homeowner after fleeing from attackers
Salem family seeks justice
Benson High teen robbed
Mom breaks stereotype of meth addicts
Teen magazine pulled from stores
Teen prostitution bust
Bed bugs infest Linfield College dorm

The third one's funny in and of itself -- who wants to watch a boring shooting? -- but taken as a whole, the list shows you what you'd get if you tuned in their newscast. Namely, 90% junk.

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Dear Jack,
Where the hell is the eagle? And shouldn’t this be called “Film at 10”?
signed….Concerned in Portland

And there is a negative side to those stories as well.

Anyone remember "Not Necessarily the News" on HBO? My favorite segment was "The Good News" where they're devoting an entire newscast to non-negative news....

The newscaster just sits there silently for about a minute, and then they thank everyone for tuning in to "The Good News".

Today's "news" is focused on sensationalism more than anything else. After all, they need to increase their market share so they can bring in more advertising dollars!

For those tired of the same old bad news check out PNN (Positive News Network) at www.positivenews.net.

i went to Linfield - too bad we didn't have any bed bug outbreaks when I was there. Channel 12 news is the absolute worst. I love their American Idol news updates.

Channel 12 is a total joke. My favorite thing about their "news reports" is when they have the reporter helpfully hold up some visual aid when talking about something. Like, they'll be talking about ID theft, and the guy will hold up a credit card. OH! I get it now, thanks! Or talking about the new restrictions on cold medicine, and he holds up a pack of Sudafed. OH! Sudafed! Hilarious.

By the way, cool cloud photo at the top of the blog today, Jack.

Channel 12 news is a joke, but apparently we all watch it! I only watch it because my wife does. Really.

I especially enjoy K-12's live remotes from their parking lot. That is where the news crew would have left from, if they had gone anywhere, which they haven't. Earth friendly and saving gas, I guess.

I hate to break this to you... but ALL of the local newscasts suck eggs. I end up watching 12 because it's on at 10pm instead of 11. But I've never really noticed a difference when I've watched the others.... My pet peeve by the way, are the "news stories" they do to kindly update us on American Idol or what-have-you. Now THAT'S hard-hitting journalism. I also hate the "swooshes" sound effects that accompanies every story. Geesh, give it a rest already.

Hail fellow blogger Robert Pagani and http://kptvwatch.blogspot.com/

He's working hard so we don't have to.

Last night on NE 72 Avenue, there was a high speed chase of a stolen car. The car didn't make the turn onto Prescott Street...crashed...and the guy bailed out. I swear that every cop in NE Portland was parked all around our house looking for this maniac. Not a peep on any newcast or website.

I just checked out that web blog by Robert Pagani and was totally captivated. That site is hilarious. It reminded me a little of that cable show about the guy and his two little robot friends making snide comments while they watched a really bad movie. Maybe he should get his own cable show and rebroadcast or even better simulcast KPTV news and make his little comments LIVE. Thank you Mr. Pagani.

they do have shauna parsons, though.

People still watch local news?

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