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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Lest we forget, the 12th annual Portland Polish Festival was a blast. These folks have a winning formula, and they're smart enough not to change it as the event grows. Beautiful job, people. Sto lat!

Comments (6)

Nigdy nic twojemu bratu nie pozyczalem!

Same to you -- whatever that means...

Did b!X ever tell you that he's 5/8 Polish? He never misses the Festival, which, he says, has pierogi almost as good as his grandmother's. I should know. I'm his mom. I could almost understand what your first poster said, but he uses a triple negative, and that totally confused me.

I think the first comment translates to "I never lent your brother anything". I may be wrong though.

Oh, and the Polish festival was great. I'm 100% Polish and I thought the food was awesome.

It means, "I don't owe your brother any money," in Polish. Just a phrase that stands remembered 20 years after a Polish language class, for some odd reason.

I do remember that multiple negatives, rather than cancel each other out (like I was taught in an old school English grammar class), intensify the negation (in this case, denial) in Polish. Maybe that is why i remember the phrase -- I think that is interesting.

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