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Friday, September 30, 2005

Compulsion, thy name is blog

I must be nuts. I just spent the better part of the day figuring out a way to have the latest 10 songs I've listened to automatically posted to the "Sounds" section of the sidebar on the main page of this blog.

But I'm proud to say, I have done it! Now I can spend the rest of my life wondering why.

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Didja use Audioscrobbler?

Yep, and apparently, no sooner than I did, the RSS feed from there has gone down. Ah, technology... I hope the outage is brief.

Looks like their whole site is down at the moment.

Back up now.

I once spent the better part of a day researching plugins that would do the same thing automatically - now I want your secret(s), please!

What's it worth to ya?


Since you're already "scrobblin'," you're well on your way. The next thing you need to do is to upload a program to the directory where your main page resides. And that program is called rss2html.php. It's free at a place called Feed for All.

Your server has to have something called PHP available, and it has to support something called SSI. And you're going to have to change the suffix of your main page to ".shtml." (And don't ask me what any of that really means.)

If you can deal with all that, go ahead and get downloadin' and check back here when you're ready to go to the next step. BTW, no warranties! Proceed at your own risk...

Thank you- will do!

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