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Monday, August 1, 2005

Wiggle room

Oregon has officially adopted earthworms as an agricultural product, according to a story in this morning's daily. As well it should. As long-time readers here know, worms eat my garbage. And man, do they eat fast in the summertime.

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dude, my "green machine" smells nasty, what with a fresh load of grass and 90 degree heat! but the corn cobs and melon rinds and all matter of stuff disappears in a day.

the biggest disappointment? I never get high quality "worm casings" for my garden. The damn things eat the food too fast!

Hey, they have to poop somewhere. You've got to have castings.


Yes, I know that (sorry didn't post earlier due to the new policy!), but where?

I just loaded up the "green machine" with a neighbor's leaf clippings (I don't water or mow much in the summer). Now, one week later, the thing is stinking and steaming and the worms have reappeared.

But within another week or two, the level will be down w/in six inches of the bottom of the "machine".

I think the casings must be under ground level? What do you think?

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