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Monday, August 22, 2005

Two men, two hockey pucks

I met and had lunch with Worldwide Pablo today. Great guy, energizing conversation, part of a day of fine discoveries. As in my earlier in-person encounter with Just Some Poor Schmuck, we feasted at Giant Burger in Lake O. Although I had seen WWP's picture and read many of his fine words, I didn't really know him until I met him in person. There are some things about the human voice, about carriage, about persona, that a blog doesn't convey.

Perhaps in the future, all blogs will contain a 30-second video clip in which the author will identify himself or herself. But that may take too much fun out of it.

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Gotta' love Giant Burger. Did you notice that their "giant" sign now sits at ground level? I have been told by a coworker that there was a long running battle between the owners and the city (Lake-O does not like "giant" signage) over the sign and the current arrangement is the outcome.

I support Giant Burger on the sign issue, but maybe we could get some of those fine folks in Lake-O to come to Portland and work against "giant" condo towers, "giant" tax revenue give aways, etc...

Heya Jack.

Is it true Worldwide Pablo is downsizing into "Nice Corner Lot with Some Fruit Trees Pablo"?

Just curious.


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