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Monday, August 15, 2005

Thought for the Day

Interesting piece in yesterday's Times about the Muslims of Europe:

In a sense, Europe's bad fortune is that Islam is in crisis. Imagine that Mexican Catholicism was in a similar state, and that a powerful, well-financed minority of anti-modern purists was doing its most successful proselytizing among Mexican immigrants in places like Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago, above all among the discontented, underemployed youth of the barrios. The predictable, perhaps even the inevitable, result would be the same sort of estrangement between Hispanics and the American mainstream.

As the bloggers say, read the whole thing.

Comments (1)

I have heard Pakistan's nuclear bomb(s) referred to as "Muslim Bomb(s)".

I strongly suggest that their most effective "bomb" in future years will be their "Population Bomb."

The great majority of Christians and Jews worldwide are having fewer children, are comfortable in coexisting with other religions and firmly believe in separating church and state. Growing numbers of Muslims are having more children, are intolerant of other religions and favor governments that are based upon Muslim principles.

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