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Sunday, August 28, 2005

They did it again

Those crazy kids at KNRK had me cranking up the volume in the Accord again tonight -- on the way home from church, no less. The song: "Alex Chilton," by the Replacements. Righteous, people!

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I heard the same songs on the way home from church last night. Let's hope they keep it up!

LOVE the 'Mats! I went to school in Wisconsin and did a lot of music-related writing (free admission to the shows...what can I say?). We hung out with the Paul and crew as well as Husker Du and Soul Asylum. Favorite Replacement's line: "Jesus rides beside me...He never buys any smokes..."

Way back when, I saw the 'Mats at First Avenue in Minneapolis in 1987. Some of my best memories as a teenager. My All for Nothing/Nothing for All CD is just about worn out.

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