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Thursday, August 25, 2005

That's a relief

I can keep my site, www.diannelinn.com.

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Jack -- The parody site you have up at www.diannelinn.com is genius. Very subtle.

www.dianelinn.com. Stupid fat fingers.

It's interesting that among her professional accomplishments listed on her personal bio, she fails to mention being the driving force behind same-sex marriages for 5 weeks in Multnomah County (before they were declared illegal), which led directly to the passage of Measure 36. Way to go Diane. The gay/lesbian community has enough enemies, without friends like you.

Oh, right Bill. You were just waiting for Kulongoski, the rest of the Democrats, or maybe Karen Minnis to step up? Now, with the benefit of hindsight, you play the catty reasonable-measured-steps savant.

This blog has had the debate on whether the County Commissioners' action was too much too soon, with many thinking so. Since the logic is the same, we'll go ahead and mark those down as opposed to the McCall-era land use controls as well, for fear of one day triggering Measure 37. Such gutless state Democrats these days should proclaim their ethos and vision far and wide: "Oregon: Almost as nihilistic as California, but not quite -- we'll take your real estate money, but we won't piss you off."

There was nothing to lose and deep down everyone knew it. Legal niceties and benefits do not define a life. If nothing else, Linn made it easier for the next person. The only thing worse than politicians who don't take a stand are people who would never take a stand themselves but who are always first in line to cut down whoever does. The latter description fits many bloggers.

"It's interesting that among her professional accomplishments listed on her personal bio, she fails to mention being the driving force behind same-sex marriages...."

Uh, not really. It's between the lines on every page. And what else is on every page is the red bannered: Give Today.

Which specific link states outright, "Diane took a big risk opening the doors to same-sex marriage. Now facing a recall effort. Fighting this effort will cost a lot of money. Please support Diane Linn by making a contribution today."

This would be seem to be her last best hope. I'll speculate that in spite of her countless travesties and incompetencies it will keep the wind in her sails.

I would love to be proved wrong.

At least it's one more thing than any buck-passing democrat or republican in the legislature has done in the past two years. Why should Linn have to futz with the income tax and try to find jail space when your people in Salem can't be relied upon to make hard choices?

Sure, another beige democrat, just like the ones in Salem -- that's the ticket. Or maybe let the Riverdance of bed-sheet wearers and Birchers that is the Oregon Republican Party govern. We'll see how competent the delivery of public education and services is then. Can you say "intelligent design"?


Pay no attention to the trolls who declaim the county commissioners' well-meaning if uninformed role in the SSM fiasco. These cretins are on the defensive, and they're circling their wagons.

Fortunately for the rest of us, no one actually pays them any credence. [And they really hate hearing that.]


I look forward to moving into Multnomah County once the "temporary" income tax expires.

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