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Thursday, August 11, 2005

One degree of separation from the Pulitzer

Thank you to the editors of Willamette Week, who have named this the best local blog in the editors' picks section of their annual Best of Portland review. A far cry from 1998, when the Buckman neighborhood was their "Rogue of the Week," and I was the flak for the group!

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Sorry about leaving the cigarette mess all over the throne. I didn't have time to clean up.

Judy Tuttle to my Bruce Warner.

I like that quote of yours in the old WWeek article, Jack. "Right now there's just fear...there are no facts."

With your permission I'd like to forward that quote to the Mannix campaign, which I understand is searching for a 2006 slogan that really captures Kevin's approach to politics.

Congratulations on this recent honor, but as a professional comedy writer, I can’t let it affect my work. So here goes:

There are so many escort ads in Willamette Week, it should be called “Willamette By the Hour.”

Thank you and blog on.

Nicely done, Jack.

Saw the nod in the Willy Week. Excellent work!

Congrats, Jack. The WW nod is a well-deserved honor. [Pay no attention to the blogworld's usual sniveling or envy.]

One degree of separation, indeed. And just one degree also from this. Woo hoo!

Well earned honor Master Jack. Keep up!!

Now, where do we buy those "I survived Downtown Portland" t-shirts?

Congrats!! It's well-deserved.

Didn't you read the third editorial in todays "O"? Geez, now they are stealing your ideas unattributed!


Yeah, I saw that. Forget about the plagiarism -- try to read that editorial. One of the worst pieces of writing I've looked at in quite a while.

KGW stole my "it's official" line the night they announced that Meier & Frank would be renamed. I should have sent them a bill, but it doesn't matter.


True, the edit was incomprehensible. I suppose the envy of any tax lawyer! ;-)

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