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Monday, August 29, 2005

On the air

Thanks to Rob Kremer for having me on his radio show yesterday on KXL. I got to fill in for his vacationing co-host, Marc Abrams.

It was a fun experience, and an educational one. For example, while on the show I learned:

1. There is no such thing as man-made global warming.

2. The fact that the United States government is borrowing $1 billion a week from the Chinese government is no cause for concern.

3. Most of the problems of the world today are caused by the teachers unions.

4. Randy Leonard's Humvee does not have a rifle rack in it.

Thanks to the listeners who phoned in, too.

Comments (14)

And a welcome break you provided. Thanks

However, you need to work on the Liberal Whine.

Try riding in Randy's Humvee as the tire noise should help give you the pitch.

Um yeah, I thought that show was about balance.... I don't think you fit the liberal bill, Jack.

On a local show, I am definitely not liberal. On a national or international show, however, I would be.

I guess part of that is because the local scene is dominated by liberals, and the national by... um... libertarians.

A caller yesterday to the show remarked that extreme liberals and extreme conservatives are the twin peaks of evil. I'm just a middle guy down in the valley.


You forgot to mention that you also learned the best place to educate an elementary aged child in public school in the Portland area is at the Arthur Academy (www.arthuracademy.org).

New site opening in NE Portland next month, which is the fourth campus in the Portland metro area.

Can enroll on-line. No tuition - it's a public school.

I learned that if I worked at Rob's Arthur Academy I couldn't afford the gas for a Humvee.


It strikes me that your PPF&D pension and an Arthur Academy salary will buy plenty of gas.

People who live in glass houses should think twice before throwing stones.

I never really considered working 25 years as a firefighter and then getting a pension, that all firefighters get btw, is something to be ashamed of.

Perhaps making every property owner pay for your pension long after they retire is something that would cause shame - especially since you don't pay anything towards ours?

Caught about a half hour of it and thought it was a much more engaging (and informative) program than I've heard there before. I don't know about the face part of the equation Jack, but you do have a pretty decent radio voice and brought a much needed perspective. If the producers or whoever makes those decisions get you back on I'll probably start listening on a regular basis.

Jack was good. The perfect sub.
Having heard some feedback I would say Jack will be back.

I had a great time with Jack on the air, and I can say for sure I'll be inviting him back.

In fact, as it happens, we were going to just do a re-run this Sunday since Abrams is still out and it is Labor Day. But - Jack -- are you up for another gig? I'm buying the coffee; Randy will bring the donuts.

What kind of person would say a retired fireman should give up their pension? So do you suggest that either a fireman never works again or if they do decide to work they get screwed? That is a pretty sad thing to say. Steve it seems you always have something negative to say about Randy Leonard. Maybe it is time you think about what you are suggesting before hitting the post button. To say a fireman should be ashamed of collecting their retirement is a pretty sad statement. Let us screw over the guys who are protecting us so they do not feel like doing their job huh? Think it through folks.

We're always around on Labor Day weekend. Let me check with the family.

I have no issue with people getting a reasonable pension that they help contribute to like those of us who work in the private sector. I think anyone who reasonably contributed to a pension fund and reaps the benefits should be proud to collect.

However, when they set up programs that define benefits without a plan to pay for them besides raising taxes, then this is not very reasonable.

The FPDR has other abuses which have already been chronicled that Mr Leonard denied existed or needed addressing until about 3 months ago when that tack didn't work.

I applaud Mr Leonard's efforts on voting down taxpayer abatements, but sometimes he is wrong about other things.

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