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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Lil' hiatus

I'm likely to be out of here until the early part of next week.

Be good to yourselves and each other.

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where ya heading? somewhere fun i hope.

Sweet! Dad's gone. Anyone know where he keeps the liquor?

Be good to yourselves and each other.

Isn't that how Jerry Springer signs off each show? Wow, that brouhaha with the comments must have really gotten to you!

Liquor? I don't even know her.

reminds me of the old j. bo. saying, "poker? i don't even know her."

and how bout " do you know who won the miss ebonics USA beauty pageant? Ms. Idaho ( say it slowly :)

Any body know if that "Feed Air america Foundation" skit Lars did Friday mite is avaulable for download, or to buy?

Oh I know I will probably be accused of not having a sense of humor, of taking things too seriously, oh lighten up jack....but the racism and sexism in this thread was stunning.

Sexism? Are you referring to b!x's sly reference to cunnilingus? Because, as a woman, I can assure that I find nothing at all offensive about that subject.

I meant, "I can assure you..." Guess I was a little worked up or something.

Raging Red, what are you doing later? lol

Well, that depends. Does your email address bear any relation to your - aw, nevermind. I don't want to violate any standards of decency Jack might have for the comments section.

Good call, RR. I am surprised at the number of folks willing to discuss dog feces or goat urine or whatever is stinkin' up the PDX elevator, though... :-)

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