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Friday, August 26, 2005

Jack Bog's Radio, revisited

A while back I complained that I couldn't get a legitimate license, at any price, to start my own podcasting service with a music orientation. But here's an interesting alternative. If you're willing to download a particular kind of music player onto your computer, you can go to my Audioscrobbler user page, click on "Start Radio," and then "bojack's radio" as the station. You should at that point start getting (from Audioscrobbler, not me) a stream of music tracks that I've recently been listening to.

But first you have to load the last.fm radio player, and that's the catch.

Loading the player (part 2 here) can be a bit clunky, to say the least. If you're on Windows, any version, anywhere, be sure to pick the option that says "Windows Zip file - for the office." Then unzip and install. Set your browser on my user page (linked above), hit "Start radio," then select the station "bojack's radio."

Of course, do all this at your own risk. Here's hoping that it works, that you enjoy my tracks, that Audioscrobbler doesn't eat your computer, and that neither you nor I wind up going to jail over this.

If you try it, please let me know how it worked (or didn't). Thanks to Betsy for showing me this precious time-wasting resource.

As for real radio, I'm going to be co-hosting the Kremer/Abrams show this Sunday morning at 9 on KXL in Portland -- 750 AM. Abrams is away, and so I'm supposed to play counterpoint to Rob Kremer's rightie musings. Not only will I try to break into Lars Larson's gun locker while I'm there, but I'll also hang out afterward and try to give Randy Leonard a hotfoot during his show, which starts at 11.

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I'm listening to Bojack Radio!

Want to see what it's serving up for me? Check my profile - songs played from 8 pm today on are courtesy of Jack's fine musical tastes...

Great cheap fun, Betsy. Thanks again.

I believe Randy's show is on at 7, because at 11 Lars' back-up Jeff Kropf (R-Halsey) goes on the air. Kropf, of course, ditched the legislature earlier this summer (while in session...he actually missed at least one committee meeting) so he could fill in for the vacationing Larson. Much more deserving of the hotfoot, IMHO.

I was going by the station's online program guide, which, of course, could be wrong. It will be good to see Randy again, on either end.

This Sunday Larry George and I start a new time...11am-1pm.

Hopefully you can hang around and we can liven up the air waves for a while.

Well, you learn something new everyday. I'll have to check it out.

Good job on KEX this morning.

I do disagree with you on Walmart, not that they should not be allowed to open, but there should be a level playing field with business. They and other of the folks that use a lot of part-time folks instead of Full Time employees to avoid paying benefits, and not to serve the normal "step function" of business using part-time until there is enough work volume to justify a full time position. Don't kid yourself we all pay for the health care of uninsured people in increased hospital fees, which translate to higher costs for insurance for those employers that do the socially responsible thing and offer benefits. I believe Sam Adams has proposed a solution in some type of payroll tax for uninsured workers that helps fund heathcare for them. The OPB special Randy talked about was where they caught what used to be a household name, Rubbermaid, between a rock and a hard place. They induced them to expand so that Walmart represented by means of their massive distribution system came to represent Rubbermaid's largest customer. Then they demanded they cut the price to them and sell to the other store chains for more because of thier demand. Once they had the market, there was not competition for Rubbermaid to sell their goods to Walmart could dictate the price of the product, then Rubbermaid went bankrupt, and the last shot of the show was Chinese businessmen buying Rubbermaid's equipment at auction.

Again Responsible businesses like Intel, actually nurture their suppliers, they recognize the innovation of small business and the ability of it to be nimble and respond to the market. They don't manipulate them and crush them for short term bottom line profit.

If we play the Walmart game we will lose, the Intel way we will win.

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