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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here's one for Lars

When the Bushies crank up their whining about the "death tax," send them here. (Via Constantly Amazed, Yet Never Surprised.)

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Isn't that the kid from "2001: A Space Odyssey"?

I think that's a poster from the 80's

It was changed from Reagan to Bush

The previous deficit vanished during a boom

and looks like it is on the way to happening again.

Still, we get the doom and gloom nonsense

that middle finger should be grown up by now and pointed at the loonies who keep predicting the end

Great photo! Bush's fiscal policies are truly baffling. Actually, almost all of his policies are baffling.

Deficit = the amount of money that has to be borrowed to pay the CURRENT year's budget.

Debt = the cumulative deficits from prior year.

Eliminating the deficit is nice, but it'll take a long time before we even make a dent in the national debt!

"Lifegoeson" is right, Reagan's big, bad deficit was erased by a boom engineered by a Democratic President named William Jefferson Clinton.

I believe the US created 20,000,000 jobs under Clinton... about 19,000,000 more than W has made.

And, it's gonna take another Clinton to clean up this Osama-loving frat boy coward's frentic orgy of blood, violence and debt.

Hillary! Help!!!!


Seek help.
"Clinton an economic engineer"?
"Hillary help"

She'll clean things up?

She couldn't clean my driveway.

Do you have any sense of how much blood and violence there was during the Clinton years?

Why is it that people like you want the country run like Portland is?

I got it.

Pirro for Prez in 2008!

She'd get the not-very-reformed felon vote, the Jerry Springer viewers AND the AWOL Daddy vote too.

Ms. Pirro should do very well at the upstate NY country clubs where folks can... relate.

(If she can ever find Page 10 of her big speech)

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