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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

For your eyes only

Here's something I hadn't seen before: In today's Willamette Week, there are some items in the Murmurs column below the caption "FOR WEB ONLY:" Apparently, if you read the publication on the web, you now get bonus Murmurs!

There's been a bunch of speculation this week about how The Oregonian is going to become more web-friendly, as its public editor, Martin Marietta-Hyphen, has promised. Looks like the Double Dub may already be making some small moves in that direction itself.

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WWeek's been doing that for a while, for unexplained reasons. The buried nugget is this:

The Portland Media Insider blog (pdxmediawatch.blogspot.com), which launched back in May promising an inside look into the city's newsrooms, is on hiatus. ... The blogger is considering a new format that either requires registration or some way to "block the jerks."

Sound familiar?

There are ways to block the jerks without making it an "either you're a member of the team or you aren't" approach.

I think Jack's done a pretty effective job by simply posting his rules.

They're pretty simple, really, but one which PDX was unable to grasp:

You can't call people names, like "d*****bag".
You can't tell them to shut the F*CK up (sorry, direct quote) because you don't like what they are saying.
There are a few other rules, but the bottom line is that if you can't be civil, you should be excluded.

Jack clearly understands that; the PDX guy just didn't. So that site exploded.

I can only hope that a lesson has been learned and that PDX will re-open with rules in place similar to those which Jack has laid out. It had potential.

A problem with that blog, I think, is that it's about the author's workplace. And although the writing purports to be anonymous, the blogger's identity is a rather poorly kept secret. If he or she isn't yet being told by his or her employer to shut the site down, that day can't be long in coming.

The bigger story, IMHO, is Dr. Philips (whom I support) abandoning PPS on the final days of the Legislature as a crucial $15,000,000 hung in the balance.

Where was she? Where were the board members? Derry was in jail. We know that. His ex-wife is in hiding. We know that too.

Where was the Democratic House leadership?

All of em MIA, again.

Kid's First, right?

Gotta add that one of the "murmurs" was that the OHSU President was going to announce his retirement in the next month or two. The WW hit the streets sometime on Wednesday, and at 6pm that day, there was an e-mail to all OHSU employees saying that he was going to retire by Dec 31 2006.

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