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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Breaking news

They're having trouble finding someone to rally the troops for a John Kerry meetup. I don't know why they e-mailed me. It should be easy to find an organizer here.

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Sen. John Kerry served, while W swerved.

Did you see Bush's "Band of Boozers" at the NYC convention, Jack?

Of course you didn't. Bush was to scared to risk his life (one biographer said he cried all night at Kennebunkport), unlike John, the other Kerry, Gore, Oliver Stone, and all them libs who actually had BALLS, which are in short supply in the Oval Office.

Cheap shot, Jack. But not surprising.

I hate to burst anyone's opportunity to take caustic shots, but this is a reflection on meetup.org and not necessarily Kerry.

Months ago, Meetup.org started charging fees for use - and plenty of people bailed accordingly, including many of the organizers. As a result, Meetup just moves down the list of folks who signed up way back when, looking for someone - anyone - to take over the orphaned list.

Excellent post.

Hey Sid, you get invited to many parties?

Do trolls have their own parties?

First thing to bring a smile to my face today. Very funny, sir!

Sorry, here's the link: http://www.backwardsbush.com/

Portland's leading bloggers have parties from time to time.

Sounds more like a therapy session for PETS sufferers....thought maybe all had recovered....but then....guess not?


Why America's Mom Cindy Sheehan is having a real Big Rodeo outside the Bush Family Mansion right now! Sixty percent of America say Bush focked up the job, so of course, W is SLIMING Cindy cuz what else they got? Nada, or so say the troops back home in Oregon for a breather.

Q: Why didn't the chicken cross the road?

A: Cindy Sheehan was on the other side.

If Cindy Sheehan is America's Mom we better hope mental illness isn't hereditary.

"If Cindy Sheehan is America's Mom we better hope mental illness isn't hereditary."

This is a classic Rovian smear tactic used against any person who poses political danger to Bush: depict the person as mentally unstable. They've done it to Gore, McCain, Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson...the list is long. Now they're doing it to a mother whose son died because of Bush's poor decisions and who only wants to ask Bush some questions about the reasons for her loss. Disgusting. Meanwhile, Bush has less mental stability than a methadone patient. Your emperor is naked. He lives in a bubble insulated from contact with any who disagree with his policies. Cindy Sheehan seeks only to penetrate it.

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