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Monday, August 1, 2005

Bad dudes

Here's the latest new page on the Jackson County, Oregon website. Lovely. It would be interesting to see one of these for Portland. (No, this doesn't count.)

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That page is clearly sexist. Where are all the women??

Oregon has a few counties with sex offender listings on line. The following website tries to keep up with what the counties (and occasionally individual communities) offer across the nation, if anything. A very few Oregon counties provide detailed info like Jackson County now does. A few require the concerned to call. The rest could use to improve their level of servcie.


Oregon as a state is lagging behind the rest of the country. There was a movement in this year's legislature to get the OSP (I think) to a statewide, online sex offender registry. I haven't heard what the resolution is, though.

Geez, if Jackson County has 32 sex offenders on its page (and those are just the predatory ones), how many might Multnomah County have? I was initially thinking it might be in the thousands, but I see that Multnomah County's population is not quite four times as much as Jackson County's, so the math would tell me it's about 115.

Numbers aside, I hope such publicity would be a deterrent to potential abusers. But, even if it had no such effect, it's still a worthwhile service for Joe & Judy Public with a couple of kids next door to a registered offender.

Nice to see everyone so up on promoting hysteria. There HAS to be a better solution!

Multnomah County does have a predatory sex offender Web site. Here is the URL: http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dcj/acjsoffendersup.shtml

The Portland Police website DOES have an online listing for predatory sex offenders.


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