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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another fine food spot

The Mrs. and I had a great dinner tonight at Andina in the dreaded Pearl District. I had been to this establishment once before for a slightly uptight work-related function, but it was so much better in the context of a joyous celebration -- 11 years married to each other as of today.

Awesome food and drink -- hard to find fault with any of it. Go with an appetite, an adventuresome spirit, and a casual attitude about how cool you're looking and how much you're spending. It's first-rate.

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Congradulations, it sounds like you nice couple of kids and a fulfilling family life, enjoy, before you know it the baby will turn 21 and your anniversary will be the 25th if you are lucky not to have cancer or some other malady that is all too common in this "uptight" stressed out world cut things short like we did. Enjoy eachother and teasure every day.

What exactly did you have? I have been there a few times with customers and on the food side, it was OK, but somethings (like the duck stew with the bread crust) are more different than good.

On the bar side, however, the appetizers menu is actually pretty good. They also did a very good job with the wine list (assuming you like Spanish wines.)

It is a nice location though and congratulations, you have no idea of how I say thakns each day for having a good marriage, it makes all the difference.

Jack, congratulations on another year! We got married on 8/8/88 (had to, else I'd forget the date!).

Apparently, like me, you found someone really good. Best wishes, and many more good years to both of you!

Congrats and wishes for many, many more to come. Our 17th was Friday and we enjoyed a first visit to Grolla. Sounds like Andina should be on the list for a special occasion this autumn. They do go by fast eh?

Andina is great, but stay away on off nights such as Sunday-Monday and the food will be much better.

Congratulations and happy anniversary! It's lovely to hear how blissful you feel about your wife and your family. My husband and I have also been married 11 years (May 28)...isn't it great to come home to a slumber pary every night?? :)

Hey, I was at that "uptight" work related dinner. I thought it was kinda fun!

O.k., the dinner wasn't uptight -- but I was. I can't remember if I was dead tired, or sick -- I think everyone else in my house was sick.

Plus, when I'm out on business, I don't eat and drink like it was going out of style. Which is what I did on my wedding anniversary!

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