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Friday, July 15, 2005

"You need to cut back on the Bloody Marys in the afternoon"

Hillary Clinton, whom I dislike every bit as much as Karl Rove (if not more so), says she has a problem. She's posturing around about the fact that there's a sex scene in a video game.

Shelley over at Menagerie, whom I like as much as a cold one on a hot day, took a break from the rigors of bar exam cramming to post the perfect rejoinder. It's here.

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Thanks, Jack!

I am very, very scared of HRC getting the 2008 nomination. If she does, we really could end up with President Jeb. Or Rice.

She will get it. And she will lose.

that was an excellent response. it's so hypocritical. a simulated sex scene is horrible and needs to be stopped, but killing people... ...hmmmm... not so much.

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