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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Volume 4, Number 1

Today we begin our fourth year of blogging. Thank you to all our readers for making this such an engrossing pastime. We are especially grateful to: those who have left comments (pro and con) since we gained that capability in the summer of 2003; the other bloggers who have kindly linked to this site from their own; and readers who have communicated with us by private e-mail as a result of something written here. Of course, we also thank our family, friends, colleagues, sniping targets, and other fellow earthlings for their tolerance of the excesses sometimes exhibited here. Take yesterday, for example...

Anyway, a year ago at this time, we signed off for a while, thinking that we might never return. It was good to take a break, and we feel another one coming on shortly. But in the end, let's face it, we are hopelessly addicted to this. So on with the show.

Comments (5)

Congrats, Cuz. It's a shame you weren't around (neither was I) when they built "The Projects" Down Neck.

.. you are now officially a "blogging warhorse"...

Wow! A girl takes a day off and misses all the fun! Congratulations on three solid years; please don't take a break too soon. You and your blog are never better than when you "excess."
I've witnessed it live and in person, folks. It's a beauty to behold. Re: UGB. My back fence was the UGB and I was assured that Clackamas County and Metro had no plans to move it. Six months later I learn that 50,000 new residents are going to live in the woods behind my house. Lesson learned? Never believe or trust a planner.

You go, Jack! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog for the information and the entertainment. I think that you were right on about the development and construction of those "lofts." Not only are they unattractive, they are rotting from the inside out. HELLO??? It rains here.

I'm so glad I bought a 1925 cottage with great bones and even better circulation! It may be only 950 square feet, and cost less than $130,000, but at least I know I won't be spending another $130,000 to fix the problem...

P.S. Do you like Lewis Black? Your writing reminds me of his monologues! :)

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