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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


A couple of young guys in a huge truck with Idaho plates just asked me a question about Portland I couldn't answer:

"Is there a Frisbee golf course around here?"

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There is a Disc Golf Course at Pier Park, in the Portland Parks System. Pier Park is in NE Portland.

It wasa built and is maintained by volunteers.

Didn't there used to be one out at Edgefield also?

There is also a Disc Golf Course in SW at the Greater Portland Bible Church on SW Vermont at about 20th ave.

There is a nice course in Champoeg State Park, if that's close enough to "around here."

Consulted with a friend on this; perhaps a useful link:


Thank you, David Y. That's a very helpful site!

There was one planned for near the convention center but it was a close call between that and a Hotel. The disc course lost out on a split decision even though PDC economists determined the disc course would bring in more revenue.

Jack, did you tell them that we'll have a tram soon?

No, but I did tell them that people in Portland are into bikes, not big pickup trucks, which is why the parking space they were in in the natural food store parking lot was ridiculously narrow.

Perhaps on their way back to Idaho, they could stop by and play disc golf at Sorosis Park in The Dalles. An excellent course.

They play frisbee golf in Lake Oswego between Lakeridge and the Municipal Golf Course.

Best course I've played in Oregon was in Bend, at the community college. Really cool hilly terrain, lots of trees--quite challenging. Locally, though, I've heard the one out in Gresham, and the one at Champoeg, are fun.

here's the pdga directory:

has a full listing of most everything you need to know about each course--setup, fees, directions, etc.

Disc golf is awesome. Takes less time than ball golf, is MUCH cheaper (usually free!), and there's no course marshal looking over your shoulder.

I play the Vermont Ave one mostly, but Pier Park is good, and the one in Estacada is really nice. Gresham's is lame; haven't been to the two McMenamins courses yet. Champoeg is fine, but it costs $3 to get in and isn't all that exciting.

htmled version of the directory here. Sorry for the column overlap.

The best website for local disc golf information is the Oregon Disc Sports Alliance. The list of Northern Oregon disc golf courses can be found here: http://odsa.com/golf/north.asp

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