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Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Last summer I bemoaned the fact that the last of the mom-and-pop corner grocers in our neck of the woods had been bounced so that the landlord could spruce up the property. Oh, it's spruced up, all right -- a graffiti tagger target of the highest order! -- and over the weekend one half of the frontage finally reopened. I'm pleased to report the arrival of a vital neighborhood service:

A gelato place!

Wow, that really enhanced my livability. Thanks to everybody who made it possible.

I wonder what the other side will be. Maybe a cell phone store! Hot damn!

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Jack, you must live near 15th and Brazee. You know, that used to be a Korean grocery store. I can't help but notice that a whole scad of Korean grocery stores have disappeared from N/NE. Once, as a reporter, I covered a story about the Korean Grocers Association here, and that is one fascinating institution. I reeelly wish there was one reporter, somewhere, who would go over and profile the group to find out what is going on with them. They had unique issues, and a unique business model. And now -- poof! --- gone.

Hey, Jack--any ideas what is going in the retail floor of the behemoth on 16th and Broadway? I know Zupan's pulled out, and last I heard they were talking with Wild Oats (er, why?) and some other similar type of store that currently only has a store in SW...Market Fresh, or some name like that.

Jack - Will the City Council put in a tram from your driveway to the gelato place? Because that would REALLY enhance your livability.

Shhhhh! They might do it.

As for NE 16th and Broadway, the nice grocery that the neighborhood was promised on the ground floor of the behemoth appears to be bait-and-switch history. Last I heard, we're getting a branch of the U.S. Bank. Whoopee.

Oh, and there are "only 14" condo units left unsold. Bwahahahaha.

As for NE 16th and Broadway, the nice grocery that the neighborhood was promised on the ground floor of the behemoth appears to be bait-and-switch history. Last I heard, we're getting a branch of the U.S. Bank. Whoopee.

Oh, and there are "only 14" condo units left unsold. Bwahahahaha.

Ugh. US Bank? Oy. That space was built for a grocery store, so a bank would occupy, what, 10% of the square footage? I remember when Zupan's backed out, and while I'm not a huge fan of Zupan's (read: high prices), it seemed at the time like the developer was being a bit weird by insisting on certain things after an agreement had been reached, and etc. I don't recall the specifics, but why on earth would you, as a developer, not cater to your long-awaited tenant, who is going to fill the entirety of your ground floor? Weird.

I can imagine a lot of disgruntled condo owners, who bought after thinking how nice it would be to take the elevator down to the brand new grocery store, coming to the realization that they've now got to walk 8 blocks to Safeway, a dozen to Wild Oats, or drive down to Fred Meyer.

Yep, even if all they need is a lemon.

The Zupan's pullout was in litigation, I thought. Never heard how that came out. The publicly stated ground of the dispute never rang true in my ears.

Anyone who would pay upward of a half million to live in that building is certifiably nuts.

That building desperately needs some greenery and other softening touches to make it seem less stark. And those colors...tan and brick, on Broadway? How does that fit in? They should have taken lessons from the building on 35th and Belmont--looks cool while managing to work in the neighborhood. Imagine that.

Back to your original point, though--to be fair, Mio Gelato is locally owned (and they make a mean pistachio gelato), and the neighbors have been flocking since it opened.

I wish them luck, but a grocery store was a much nicer amenity.

I'd love a gelato place, personally. If it was here in NoPo, I'd bet it would either be a Cash'N'Go or an autoparts store. Woopie.

At least it's not a crack or meth house (yet). C'mon Jack, count all victories - even the little ones.

Jack did you ever go into that place? That grocery store at 15th and Brazee was an eye sore. I was glad to see it go. The produce was rotten and the place was dirty. They had a large beer and cigarette selection, if that was your thing. Don't get me wrong, overpriced Italian ice cream isn't my thing but

That said I am with you on the market at 24th and Fremont. My family really misses that place. The store was clean the produce was edible and the guys who ran the place were nice family. I never see anyone at the bank they have there now...

I have a love hate relationship with the Wild Oats. I love what it has done for the neighborhood but I hate to shop there. In fact it is a 2 minute walk from my house and I would rather get in the car and drive to New Seasons or Freddys.

I'm surprised you didn't include the closing of "Mrs. C's wigs" on 7th and Fremont in your lamentations against mom and pop places getting shut down.

I shopped in that little grocery all the time. Hey, I wouldn't eat off the floors, but on a good day the produce was passable, and you could always get a jar of baby food or a package of taco mix or a can of soup if you needed it.

You're right, the 24th and Fremont store was even better for stuff like that.

After a couple of shootings, however, I stopped buying my wigs at Mrs. C's.

GEE."Bog" I couldn't resist:

Try your own highly prized, never announced, totally BS, criminally insane group home brought too you courtesy of Diane Lane/lean/Linn, and of course Cascadia behavorial healthcare.

Your flavor of the month could be 5 people all judged guilty but insane of murder/arson/rape(no child molestors..yet, they promised!

Speaking of a bogging issue, perhaps one of you will defend this as something they want in their neighborhoods..STEP RIGHT UP!

For your information Jack, you might have too move again. There are 300 more loving, kind, and hopefully well drugged, new neighbors coming soon.

So with all the WALMARTS to worry about, just one more stress for you Jack.

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