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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Portland: We love dremers

In yet another stunning innovation, the City of Portland announced today a new spelling system that will reduce the cost of city agency signage. "The current regime has a lot of waste that can be cut out," declared Commissioner Randy Leonard at a press conference outside City Hall. "There are a quite a few letters that can be left out without changing the meaning. You know, like on the Prince albums, where 'to' is '2' and 'you' is 'U'? That is where we need to be heading if we're going to stay competitive in a global economy."

The changes are being introduced gradually, over a five-year trial period. "After that," promised Commissioner Erik Sten, "I'll be may -- I mean, we'll put it up for a public vote, or 'pub vo,' as we'll be calling it by then."

The first example was rolled out at the press conference:

Comments (9)

Maybe we should just drop the "Enviro" altogether.

If you still believe that this is "The City that Works" you are a likely candidate for Mental Services.

He he!

Great new slogans:

"Portland -- We put the mental in enviromental."

Or simply, "Portland -- it's enviro-mental!"

Mbe BuPlnng cd shtn th ZonCd th sm way. It wd B no mr incmprhnsbl.

Jack, stop! I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts!

The City that works you over so you need enviro-mental services.

Jack, you've been acting crazy ever since you got that scanner.

It's the fourth time I've read: "Portland: We love dremers" and it just keeps cracking me up. Coincidence that the jerkbog showed up on the very same day?

Hmmmmmm .......

Maybe you hit one nerve over the line. WTG.

Portland, The City That Works, You Over.

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