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Friday, July 15, 2005

New Ernie Kent revelation

The University of Oregon has given its men's basketball coach, Ernie Kent, at least a mild vote of confidence as questions continue to swirl around his personal life. The university has rolled over his contract for another year while it continues to field press inquiries into Kent's off-court conduct. The embattled coach apparently agreed to an interview, then cancelled it and issued a press release that basically said, "I've got problems at home. Leave me alone."

While reporters from established media outlets continue to dig for hard evidence of wrongdoing by the coach, the blogosphere is rumbling with a new story that is bound to add fuel to the fire. According to knowledgeable blogs, in the 1980s Kent had another life -- as a woman.

"It was amazing," confided one blogger, who says he was a member of Kent's '80s entourage. "One night he would be on stage singing 'Slave to the Rhythm,' then the next morning he'd be in the gym working on his crossover dribble." The blogger noted that Kent's likeness in appearance to blues singer Lou Rawls has previously been noted on this blog. "Everybody from the old days laughed when they read that," the blogger said. "You were eerily close, but you missed it just slightly."

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B-jack: Yeh, I laughed at the "separated at birth" photos of EK and Lou ("Mr. Budweiser") Rawls but Grace Jones? That's a stretch. We need something a little better than that to keep us entertained on a sunny summer Fri. afternoon!

I'm just reporting what I heard.

Plus, look at the haircuts. Coincidence? I think not!

and on a serious note, Ernie has been a having affairs with women since his early days of coaching. His public life is pretty much a fraud. But man can he talk. But he can't talk a good game anymore. He won't last until 2010. No more than 2 years.

Hey BJ - are you serious about ernie as a cross-dresser, or women? And what about the cheating? And if so, where are you getting this information from, what reliable source are you trusting in? This sounds to me like a false rumor designed to put a kink in Ernie's recruiting and coaching abilities.

Who gives a damn? The guy is a college basketball coach, not a father-of-the-year nominee - or even a candidate for public office. So he's getting divorced (or trying to avoid doing so) - big f'ing deal.

Who gives a damn? ... big f'ing deal.

Er, no.

I read it on the internet so it must be true.
Did a Washington fan start this bolg?

Jack... Maybe you need to tell us what the rumors are that you're hearing. Because if the only problem is that the guy might be getting divorced because he might have had a girlfriend, well, who cares? He's just a basketball coach! People are allowed to be human.

On the other hand, if the unnamed "questions" that "swirl around his personal life" are more than that, well, that's another story. If we really have "wrongdoing" of a criminal nature, well then let's hear it.

Whaddya got?

I got questions. Something about a trip to Mexico? Something about his cell phone and travel expense reports to the state government, for whom he works? Apparently at last report the state had not been forthcoming in response to requests to see those. The questions have been raised by at least two of the state's daily newspapers.

What are you, his p.r. flak?

I went to SMC when Kent was there, he bangs everything that walks then denies. He became a born again after his wife caught him the first time, what is he going to do this time???

I went to UofO when Ernie was there in the mid 70's. I remember two things about him. 1. He was the subject of unflattering rumors. 2. There were a number of people that did not like him. I hope Ernie has cleaned up his act! If not the University must recogize the potential for problems and protect the institution.

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