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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Multiplying like rabbits

I can't how believe how many people are getting into blogging. Now Vera Katz has her own blog. And a darn clever one, too, I might add.

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Heh. I do believe the author is a fan, Jack.

No doubt a member of the "creative class."

Wow, your very own satire blog. You've finally made it, Jack. ;-)

Very clever. I like it.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I thought these type of blogs always had a "Watch" at the end of them.

So it should be "Bog Watch"

But, Jack, you're not famous enough yet to earn a full-blown satire blog. I give this effort about three weeks ...

That's just one more thing you & I disagree about, Gordo. I keep saying how famous he is.

Obviously the "satirist" isn't Vera. Obviously it is someone in city gov. TorridJoe said (on the site) he hopes it doesn't become a one-joke pony. Looks to me like it was, right out of the starting gate, though I'd count the tribute as a big feather in the cap.

Didn't someone already do this a year ago?

Seems like everyone involved has way too much free time.

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